Course Info

This is a no-frills, practical course designed to give you an introduction into Adventure, Travel and Overland Expeditions.

The aim is to give you the basic knowledge and confidence to tackle your own expeditions whatever and wherever they may be.

Each course will include:
  • Ascent up and down an active volcano (There will be two options)
  • Motorbike sections on varying surfaces (Day and Night)
  • Interaction with locals throughout
  • A unique local village high in the mountains
  • Hot springs
  • An insight into how to get the ball rolling on your own adventure
  • Answering any questions you may have on any aspect of adventure travel

They are specifically designed for people who are looking to either conduct some sort of overland trip or larger adventure, they are not an A,B,C of basic travel.

As well as learning about the topics mentioned below, the course is very pragmatic and so you will be learning whilst actually on the adventure, which is why this is so unique. You will get to see things firsthand, practice what you’ve been taught and experience the highs and lows in just under a week!

The accommodation is very basic and the standard of English quite poor which makes it a perfect place to hold this type of course. It says no frills for a reason. If you need a hot shower and WiFi each day this is not the course for you I’m afraid.

Topics to be covered throughout the course:
  • Planning and preparation
  • Locals / bartering
  • Money
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Kit
  • Contingencies
  • Sponsorship
  • Vehicles

You will have to apply for each course due to the very limited number of places available. There will be space for up to 3 people per course, this is so you get the most out of the experience as possible.

There will be five courses per year in: May, June, July, September and October. Each course will be 7 days in length.

The Application Process:
  • Must be aged 18 or older
  • Must have Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) bike licence six weeks before the course commences (Easy to obtain. Takes one day. Not provided)
  • Must have personal insurance one month before the course commences. (This will be specific to the course and you must have minimum level of coverage.)
  • Complete and submit application online through the website.
(Proof of CBT and Insurance coverage will have to be sent through to us once you are accepted on to the course)

You will be notified three months before the course date as to whether or not you have been successful in your application. You will also be sent a kit list at the same time.

Price includes:
  • Internal Flights / Boats
  • Motorbike hire and helmet
  • All Fuel
  • All National Park Fees
  • All Guide Fees
  • All Food
  • All Drink (not inc alcohol at the end of the course)
  • 5% of all profits will go to the NSPCC*

*The reason we have a relationship with the NSPCC is that they were very important to a close friend of Matt’s who passed away recently and so this is our way of giving back.


Introductory Offer: £999 

Not Included:
  • International flights to and from Bali (Denpasar), Indonesia (this is where the course commences and completes)
  • Accommodation (Minimal Cost, see FAQ section)
  • Personal Insurance Cover (This is compulsory)
  • Any personal medical requirements
Introductory discounts available for: Military, Emergency Services, Charity Workers, Volunteers

It’s advised that you complete the course as part of a wider trip to Asia, purely because of the distances involved in travelling out to the course location, depending on where you live.


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